What Is Darbar?
Sai Darbar India
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Sai Darbar is ....
A Place of Peace.
A Pause from the "Busyness" of Everyday life.
A Place to be with Lord Sainath to introspect one’s spiritual life.
A Place for quite prayer and reflection in a peaceful atmosphere.
Sai Darbar may be ....
A Place to read "Sai Satcharita".
A Place to know more about Sree Shirdi Saibaba.
A Place to receive directions from Lord Sainath.
A Place to spend little time in private with Baba.
A Place to listen what Lord Sainath speaks.
A Place to sing the glory of Lord Sainath.
A Place for ‘Satsanghs’.A Place to share your experiences with others.
A Place for those who are searching spiritual ecstasy.
A Place to understand Sai Philosophy.
A Place for those asking more about life.
A Place to enjoy community lunch
A Place to know the ‘Endless journey of life’.A Place for soul searching.
A Place to practice to know ‘Thyself’.A Place to realize the twin virtues of ‘ Faith and Patience’.