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Shri.GopalaRao Ravada was born to a pious couple Shri.VenkatRao Ravada and Smt.Venkata Ramanamma Ravada on 24th April 1946. Shri.GopalaRao due to the Grace of Sai, turned a Sai devotee in the year 1989. On a fine day, GopalaRao while in meditation was named as SAI.BA.NI.SA. by BABA which means "Bhadhyathalu Nirvartinche Sanyasi" in his mother tongue. As per the dictates of BABA and due to BABA's Blessings he is actively engaged in Spreading Sai Philosophy from 25th December, 1998 through the medium of Internet. He is the founder member of

After serving in Government of India as a Scientific Officer, he has at the age of 54 years, opted for voluntary retirement to dedicate himself for the service of Sai and the community of Saidevotees. On the invitation by the organizers, he has attended Sai Utsav-2000 held on 23-25th November,2000 at Chicago, USA. So far Nine Saidarbar branches have started functioning under his leadership in five continents with their Head Quarters located at Viswa Saidarbar-London(U.K.)

Messages from BABA to him through dreams are compiled and presented as SAI PHILOSOPHY AND MESSAGES FOR LIFE in the web site the site has become immensely popular amongst the Sai Devotees