Sai Darbar USA
Sai Darbar India
  Who we are  

In July 2003, a group of dedicated devotees met in one of the devotee’s residence to discuss the possibility of organizing a group of Shirdi Sai in Philadelphia area to meet regularly for bhajans and exchanging experiences. Initially, it all started with a nine members with their full faith in Baba. Slowly the membership increased to around 50. Then by Baba's grace the monthly satsang became bi-weekly satsang and is held at various devotee’s location. This group is affiliated to Sai Darbar, Hyderabad.

  Our Mission  
  This group believes in building temple in every devotee’s heart. We are at present holding Sai Darbar and Satsangs at devotee’s place. Our mission is to follow the philosophy of Shri Sai Nath. Read and discuss Shri Sat Charita. To undertake seva projects like anna daanam or vastra daanam. And continue our Bala Vihar, where kids can learn bhajans, shlokas and moral stories.  
Where to from now  
  It has now been three successfull years and we have been holding satsangs every other weekend on Saturday between 05:30 and 07:00pm at various devotee locations. We offer a series of heart rendering devotional songs. Each of our bhajans is a prayer in itself and sometimes the lyrics move the heart and soul as they endeavor to mend and inspire us from within and become a better human being in the society. In a sense, the meditation and atmosphere of love and goodwill helps us to recharge our spirits and focus confidently on our day-to-day lives.